cal-09-dps-cinematic Victoria, BC songwriter David P. Smith has been writing, performing, and recording since 1995. He is essentially a storyteller, his narratives visceral, sometimes hilarious, peering into darkness, stumbling into surreality, lurching back into the everyday, and occupying that honest spot where good C&W dwells.  Musically and sonically he draws on everything from the raw emotion of hard-core country and rhythm and blues, to noise, to folk, to the forms dictated or suggested or discovered on the accordion or piano.


…”Instead of sadism and humiliation as audience-complicit devices in the discussion of sadism and humiliation, he gives us compassion. Instead of sulkiness and pessimism, he gives us humour. Instead of rote emulation of style, we have in his work the reorganization of classic recognizable shapes toward an unfamiliar construct. I suspect that somewhere amidst the wheeze of the tubercular accordion, David P. Smith harbours an instinctive conviction that we respond so profoundly to the corrupt because our capacity for purity is equally profound. You may not make it, but you have to try. Otherwise, what are we doing here? And isn’t this, in fact, the most common thread uniting country, hillbilly, blues, or devotional musics, for example? The resignation to, and the quest for joy in Struggle?”  

             —Ford Pier